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Here at the ministry, we believe Jesus may return for the church at any moment, time is extremely short, and that becoming born again (John 3:3) and following Jesus is the most important decision an individual can make in his or her lifetime. 

Our mission is to introduce Jesus's life saving grace to as many people as possible, to make disciples, live the Gospel, and now provide a weekly worship meeting.   We sell "Jesus Saves" shirts which allows you to be a witness without speaking a word.  The sale of merchandise funds other faith-based ministries and missions, and purchases witnessing materials, including Bibles for people we meet who are first hearing the Good News. This is strictly a volunteer operation, with all money dedicated to the work of sharing the Gospel and worshiping the Lord.

Jesus Saves Street Ministry


Founded: 2013

Areas of expertise: 
Being a witness to the life-saving grace of Jesus Christ. Helping people.

Jesus Saves Street Ministry

Mission in Action

Raised money and donated to Mission in Action to build a clean water well in a village in India. Residents will have access to clean drinking water and hear about living water- Jesus our Messiah.

The King is Coming Revival Worship

Hosted gathering of believers to celebrate Messiah in song and prayer.


Hosted tent at Christian and secular music event to witness to attendees.

Lone Star Motorcycle Rally
Hosted tent at 4-day motorcycle rally to witness to attendees and visit with other Christian motorcycle riders.

Sukkot Celebration
Hosted praise and worship of our Lord Jesus Christ with Feast of Tabernacles celebration.

Witnessing to Young People
Periodic visits to parks to introduce Jesus..

Church has Left the Building
Group of volunteers witnessed by wearing "Jesus Saves" shirts as they landscaped a local park, as one of Grace Community Church's missions projects.

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